Because Doing the Right Thing Matters

My Mom was always a strong willed and very independent person who I thought would never age, but as she got into her 70's, her attention to detail started to slip and she was missing payment dates, incurring late fees and frequently would miss paying a bill entirely. Every week she would sit at the kitchen table with a pile of statements, write out checks to pay the bills, put them in the envelope and sometimes they would make it to the mailbox and sometimes they wouldn’t.

One day when I went to visit her, she was sitting at the kitchen table in tears and when I asked what was wrong, she handed me a Cancellation Notice from the life insurance company of a $250,000 policy she had been paying on for 17 years. She missed the renewal notice and the policy was terminated due to non-payment. This is when I knew I needed to step in and help her. What started out as an extra set of eyes on things in the very beginning turned into full management of her daily finances for the next 10 years and she was able to maintain her independence without worrying about getting payments made on time. There are other Seniors and Elders in my community that needed help like my mom did and that is why I started Caymus Financial.

What’s in the name Caymus you ask? “The detailed meaning of Caymus indicates you are a diligent and persevering worker who enjoys doing a job well and finishing what is started.”

Senior Citizen fraud is a $3 billion per year business and if I can protect my clients and their families from financial fraud, I’m paying it forward in my mom's honor "because doing the right thing matters".

Diane Remaly

Senior Managing Partner